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Big news 2010s: we both are retiring from work as of May 2010!
this allows us to travel a lot more in the areas of Europe where we have not been yet ('because you can do that once you have retired ...' )

First aim will be the 175 anniversary of the German railroads in 2010 and the many celebrations around this, we will therefore be in Saxony all spring for the narrow gauge events..



We that is the two of us, Ruth and me, live in Stäfa,  Switzerland, Europe, together with our two cats, Simba and Luki. We share our appartment with the two cats, who in turn leave our place in a mess. Simbas speciality is to turn up here with a completely unhurt mouse, and let it loose in our living room, to catch and kill it sometime later whih can be days.. This is not really Ruth's favourite, but happens every other week ...

The pictures of us on the left here were taken on our trip to Cuba in spring 2002.




Stäfa is is a small town located on the north side of the lake of Zürich, about 12 miles east, along the lake Zurich, and also along the railway line from Zürich to Rapperswil. It is a very nice place to live, especially during spring , summer and autumns seasons. The picture to the right shows Stäfa train station, coming from Zürich (the station itself is nothing worth remembering though).
Public transport in the Zürich area is very attractive. Trains, buses, light rail system and boats on lakes operate on a coordinated timetable and pricing scheme. There is at least one train every hour from every station. Busy stations are serviced every 10 minutes. No wonder that i used to go to work by rail, allowing me to read the newspaper on the 30 minute trip, sleep on or chat to friends.


The following pictures show some of the neighbourhood around us. The lake of Zürich makes a rather mild climate so that wine grows in many vineyards along the northern lakeside.



Ruth is working in the human resources department of a small hospital nearby.
I myself work as a database systems consultant, currently delivering service to one of the larger banks in Zurich.

We share our appartment with our two cats, who in turn leave our place in a mess. The aim is to be faster with cleaning than the animals ...


News ...


November 2011. More Photos from Saxony/Germany added.

July 2010. Trip notes from Saxony/Germany added.

December 2009. Trip notes from Norway added.

February 2, 2008. Finished the trip notes from the 2007 trip to Morocco.  Photo Gallery is is in a '4images' interactive gallery for the first time. I wonder how people accept this.  

January 25, 2008.  Renovated the Huancavelica, Peru Album. Better (individually corrected) pictures and a new album.

January 18, 2008.  Renovated the Lima, Peru Albums. Better (individually corrected) pictures and new albums.

some  several additions  during the years ...

January 11, 2004. Added first pictures of Tibby, the kitten. he's 14 Weeks old today. Check out his photo album from this page.

February 16, 2003. Finally finished the railroad pictures from our 2001 Colorado trip.

January 07, 2002. Some of the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic RR Picture are here! There's more to come, but it will need some patience ...

December 9, 2001. The Georgetown Loop Railroad Album is here!

December 6, 2001. Re-worked all Galapagos photo albums, used ALBUM 1.7 to create the albums instead of my own Corel script based album generator tools. Some pictures were removed, mainly to save space. visit www.xydot.com for great ALBUM 17.

December 1, 2001. The first of the Colorado photo albums is here!
It shows photos of my trip to the old railroads in Colorado, the Durango & Silverton NGRR is in the first album.

June 13, 2001. A photo album of the DVZO museum railway has been added.

April 24, 2001. Pictures from the Railroad trip in El Salvador were added to the Guatemala and El Salvador album.

November 22, 2000. The 'Puno and Lake Titicaca' area pictures were reselected, reshuffled and again publishe to the Peru photo album.

November 21, 2000. The 'Juliaca' pictures and the 'Punu to Arequipa' pictures were added to the Peru photo album, and the Maccu Picchu pictures were reworked and published again.

November 17, 2000. The Arequipa Pictures were added to the Peru photo album.

November 13, 2000. The Peru Travel notes added to the Travel Directory.

November 11, 2000. The Quito pictures were added to the Ecuador photo album, and the Lake Titicaca pictures were added to the Peru photo album.

October 12, 2000. The Galapagos pages were added to the photo album pages.

September 2, 2000. The first few pages of this sites are published, they replace the old site at 'swissonline.ch'. This site is hosted by 'agri.ch'.