After doing hanggliding for more than 15 years, i changed to gliders in 1993.
Flying a glider offers more freedom to move than flying a hangglider, especially on thermally not very active days.
It's of course more work to keep a glider in good condition, but it is worth every minute.

To hang out for a few hours high over the Swiss Alps or the Demoiselles Coiffees in the french Hautes Alpes is the ultimate way to recover from stress in the office.
Glider Holidays include camping on the airfield, here our VW microbus set up on the Airfield in Münster, an ex-military airfield in the Swiss Alps, southwestern Switzerland.

Münster, visible in th background, is located in a mountain valley with exellent thermal activity in the summer months. It is 1370 meters above sea level, an gliders usually are towed 1000 meters up to find the necessary rising hot air.
We currently sit in a double-seater, and wait behind our towplane for the take-off

Flights can last quite long. On good days, take-offs are possible from 10:30 on,
and pilots come landing typically around seven in the evening,
mostly because they are hungra, not because thermal movement has stopped.

My home base is Amlikon TG, a quiet glider-only airfield located in the northeast of Switzerland, about 10 km south of Konstanz.

The Club has it's own Website, at, and is german only.

I use to spend gliding holidays in the south of France, at the airfield of Vinon s/Verdon, a french gliding centre.
The place is located in the valley of the Durance, 40 km north uf Aix-en-Provence and near the city of Manosque.
Use the following link to the
provenceweb for more information about Vinon or the Provence area.
If you mean it, reserve your hotel room via the
France Hotel Reservation system.

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